June 10, 2016

Some hexagon stitching....

Stitching hexagons can seem like a never ending project...

These little piles are going to be sewn into a lap/single bed quilt very soon...
It's a project that a friend and I put our hand up to do almost 18 mths ago.
Our State Quilters Guild asked for some volunteers to finish sewing 
it for another quilter who was unable too.
Yes, I then roped my friends whom I sew with on a 
Tuesday to lend a hand too.

 They have willingly helped and we are almost complete.
 We have sewn lots of hexi flowers together and now are up to sewing the rows.
 Next will be the finishing didn't come with a pattern, so we are just winging it as we go.

It's enjoyable seeing this progress and  I am almost
  tempted to make one for myself but only after I've finished some UFO's....

Check back next Wednesday to see how far we have progressed.

Hugs Dawn x x

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